Our Chief Guest for today  Shri Vikram Mehta,  Your Highness, Members of the General Council, the Board of Governors, Principals, Friends, Guardians, Teachers, Staff & Students of Mayo College.

It is always a pleasure for us to welcome one of our own back in our midst and today it is a delight to have Vikram Mehta as our Chief Guest and as you saw he is an Old Boy who spoke from his heart.  We are also glad to have him as the member of the General Council.

What he said to you about his time here, Mayo created the foundation for him.  He has a very distinguished educational history but Mayo was his grounding.  With a Principal like Jack Gibson, again someone who led by example, he had teachers who thought of their job not as a job but as mission and it set him on to the right course in life.  He was bold enough to change course and go into something that he wanted to do.  What he didn’t tell you was that for a short time he did come back to government as Advisor to the Petroleum Ministry and then later on he was instrumental in bringing Shell into India and has been at the helm ever since 1993 and as he has told you, he is credited with making this a leading player in the Oil & Natural Gas Sector – one of the largest investors in India’s energy sector.

He epitomizes what I think an Old Boy should be for us and his words spoke it all to us.  I hope the boys here and even the teaching staff will take full note of what he had to say because we are also seeing in Mayo a new change, a new thrust with our new Principal at the helm - I compliment him on what we see all around us.  Everything looks fresh and green of course because of the rains but what havoc it caused in terms of  the planning and replanning the whole exercise of the Prize Giving, only he and his staff knows and I want to compliment them all right from the Vice-Principal, Bursar & everybody,  specially all the karamcharis for the hard work they put in and of course the boys too.

It has been a wonderful Prize Giving.  We have seen some very great performances both on the field and on the stage.  I must single out for special mention in the Play Jedan  Sangma as a wonderful young and upcoming star.       At the other end was Subham Puri from the seniors also performed very well.

I was convinced he was a Sikh but when I met in the line up today, I said “ you must be a Sardarji” and he replied “No I’m not, I’m from Jammu”.  So  my compliments to all of you - also the boys on the Polo field and the equestrian activities & the high level of Gym & Yoga.  With all these new activities of  that the Principal has brought in terms of Physical Education, in terms of academic excellence, in terms of upgrading the classrooms, conducting co-curricular programmes, there is a visible difference.  One can see better cohension between the staff and students and children themselves and the level of discipline has improved.

I must particularly compliment the class of 2010 for the impeccable turnout of the boys who have left and who came to collect their prizes.  They have set a standard and I hope that that standard will be maintained.

On this occasion I would also like to congratulate the class of 1985.  We all look forward to seeing you this evening to celebrate the occasion of your Silver Jubilee Year.  Congratulations!

From this very platform last year I had the pleasure of awarding the Jack Gibson Memorial Award for Excellence to our Chief Guest Vikram Mehta and it is my pleasure this year again to announce the awards to be presented to our Old Boys who in their profession, have made the distinction of making a mark for themselves in life.   I am pleased to announce the JGM Awards for 2010.  The winners for the year are  Mr. Inder Sinha class of 1965 & Dr. Arunva Majumdar, class of 1980.  Mr. Sinha has been widely acclaimed for his novel “ Animal People” which was nominated to the main Booker Prize and won the Commonwealth Regional Writers’ Prize in 2008.  He has also been a ceaseless champion of social causes and also campaigned for the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1993.   Unfortunately, he could not be with us because of his ill-health.  My compliments to him.

Dr. Arunva Majumdar is currently the Director of the U.S. Advance Research Project Agency, & reporting to the United States Secretary in the Energy Divison in Obama’s Administration.  He is also responsible for coordinating joint US-India collaboration on energy & environmental issues.  Both these people have reached very high levels of achievements in their lives and I compliment Dr. Majumdar also, who has conveyed his inability to attend, for pressing reasons and I see with the kind of job he has, it would be difficult for him to come.  They’re here with us in spirit and we’re with them.  They’re examples of Old Boys and it is a pleasure always to remember them.

Thank you again Vikram for being with us.  Good luck to you.

Thank you all staff & students & Old Boys and particularly those of you who have won prizes.  I hope you will keep it up and encourage others to do the same.  Competition is good to get the best out of yourself and I hope you will be honest to yourself as you are the best judge of yourself.

Thank you very much and good luck to all of you.